We’re not just working away in our factory to make sure you get the best products available, we’re also working to make sure our products are better for the environment and better for you. Check out some of our amazing initiatives to help create the greenest products on the market.

qtq80-wJlcTDOur factory is hooked up to the Holyoke HydroElectric System, powered by the Connecticut River and giant turbines. 68% of our energy is derived from here. This means every product we produce has a lower carbon footprint than our competitors who use dirty energy grids, offering our customers a new lease on a green, healthy, and happy life!
An additional 10% of our energy needs come from a network of solar panels in the state of Massachusetts with the fourth fastest growing solar energy program in the nation. Another reason why choosing AT Surgical is choosing green.
qtq80-mN6CNHAT Surgical is committed to everyday ways to lowering our impact on the planet, the easiest way is getting rid of all that paper! We cut paper use wherever we can, and recycle old paper until it can be put to rest – in the recycling bin. Help us commit to a happier planet, and a happier you choose AT Surgical.

A letter from our Executive Director

AT Surgical was founded over a half century ago in Holyoke, Massachusetts. We are still in our original location, and continue to manufacture the finest orthopedic braces, wraps, and post-surgical supports using the skill and experience of our local professionals.

Our success at AT Surgical has been based primarily on being able to provide state of the art solutions to challenging medical supply problems, offering the highest level of patient comfort with top quality materials and innovative designs, and always affording customers conscientious, timely service.

We are proud of our many years of excellent service to our customers and appreciate your continued loyalty, and we hope this website provides an easy and effortless guide to our products. If you have any problems please go to our Contact page and submit your information, we will respond as soon as possible.

After many years of selling, managing, and marketing consumer products in other industries, I bring my extensive background in sales and manufacturing to offer first rate products to our AT customers. Thank you to all of you for your continued trust in our product line. We look forward to working with you, and our new customers, in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any concerns or suggestions you have about how we can deliver the highest level of service to you. Thanks for your continued support and confidence.

at_mark_shohamMark Shoham
Executive Director
AT Surgical Company